Jon Hill & Associates (JH&A) is a law firm dedicated to providing owners, landlords and lenders the most commonly requested legal services related to their real estate assets.  We seek to cut the cost of commonly needed services at reduced attorney fee rates.  Our focus in foreclosure is to get the note-holder cashed out of the non-producing asset quickly, with the maximum sale price attainable.  For evictions, we focus on putting the client in possession of their real estate asset as fast as possible.


We handle the paperwork for you.  We appear in court on your behalf and conduct the foreclosure sale on your behalf.  All along the way we lead you through the legal process to deal with your issues, accomplish your goals and put your real estate asset back into productive status.





Get it done faster and save your time.

Hire the experienced attorneys of JH&A to lead you through the process of foreclosure and eviction.

We warrant and guarantee the success of our foreclosure and eviction services or your money back.

Avoid the potential pitfalls and legal liabilities of mistakes.

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